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Royalty-free Dance Video Footage on Green Screen

Download Video Footage of people dancing on the green background

Hundreds of video footage of men and women performing dances in different genres. From ethno to break-dance, from  folk dance to modern Go-Go dance. Ballet, Rock-n-roll, flamenco and sexy twerking.

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Dancing people, man and women are dancing over green screen. Download ultra hd and 4k  video footage at Green Screen Stock

Welcome to the Dance category on Green Screen Stock! Here, you'll find a variety of green screen video footage featuring talented dancers performing different types of dances in a studio setting. Our dance category includes a wide range of styles, from hip hop and contemporary to ballroom and Latin dances. Our expert dancers showcase their skills on our green screen, allowing you to seamlessly add them to any background of your choice. Whether you're creating a music video, commercial, or dance showcase, our collection of dance footage can help bring your project to life. With our high-quality footage, you can easily incorporate these dancers into your project, creating a vibrant and visually appealing final product. So if you're looking for footage featuring skilled dancers performing different types of dances on a green screen, be sure to check out our selection of dance footage. We're confident that our collection will inspire and enhance your video projects!