Assemble your own Green Screen Footage Bundle and get 50% discount!

In our stock, we have plenty of Green Screen Footage Bundles, but sometimes you may need something different, and purchasing the whole bundle could be inconvenient.

That’s why on the occasion of Black Friday we announce from today, 23rd of November till the end of the month a special offer – pick your own bundle of 5 or more Green Screen Footage Packs, use our special promo code and get 50% off!

Yes, so simple! Choose minimum 5 packs. Any packs! Combine them as you wish. Then, in “Cart” section add this promo code:



With it, you will get a 50% discount on your cart. But, there are some rules:

  • promo code works only for order with minimum spend of 639 EUR;
  • promo code is valid only for Green Screen Footage Packs Category;
  • promo code can’t be used in conjunction with other promo codes;
  • promo code can’t  be applied to items, which are already on sale;


Of course, we can’t deprive the possibility to get our existing bundles for a good price. So, here is another promo code, only for Green Screen Footage Bundles:



This is also a 50% discount for all our bundles. Any quantity in one order. And again, promo code can’t be used in conjunction with other promo codes.

If you want to purchase some of our bundles and use “Collect your own bundle” offer, you should make two separate orders, because you won’t be able to use both discounts at the same time. If you have any questions about our promotions, fell free to mail us at or in customer support chat here.

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