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Best Websites to download Green Screen Footage

Not only does the Green Screen process get expensive it can be highly time-consuming. If your project does not require customized footage here are the best 5 websites to download Green Screen Footage.

We all know how hard it can be to shoot green screen footage. Not only do you need a good setup, but you also need an entire team to work on creating high-quality footage. You need actors, cameras, lighting, planning, and post-production. You can use this free green screen stock footage to plus into any project that you are working on making it stand out from the crowd.Luckily, there are many companies out there that will provide you with whatever green screen footage that you need, from exotic locations to stock animal footage and beyond.

Here are the Best Websites to download free Green Screen Footage.

Green Screen Stock
At Lime Art Group we have spent countless hours creating the perfect green screen stock footage to plug into your projects. These clips are perfect for adding that extra dimension to your motion graphic, 3D renders or VJ mixes. You can find a range of green screen footage such as People, Animals, 3D animations and collections which will make your post-production process a breeze. You can place a request to get custom Green Screen footage.

Footage Island
Footage Island is a YouTube channel that provides totally free footage for various projects, both personal and professional – perfect for those creating projects at film school. The uploader provides a wide range of handy green screen essentials such as flag animation, logo animation, surveillance security camera overlays, and things of that ilk.

Green Screen Animals
Green Screen Animals offers what it says on the tin – videos of animals that you can superimpose onto any background you wish. Whether it be a roaring lion or an American bullfrog, this site can provide you with your exotic animal requirements.

iStock is a popular site now run by Getty Images, and with that provides the type of quality you would expect from the stock conglomerate. It allows first-time users to download one video for free, but thereafter charges for each download.

Pond5 offers all sorts of stock photography and green screen footage. Like some of the entries above, it provides the video. The downloads are all royalty-free and you can search for the video you want using filters to whittle down the options. Prices are on a video by video basis but at $69 per download, the downside is that Pond 5 is fairly expensive.

Dreamstime site provides a wide variety of professional SD and HD royalty free footage, including 2D and 3D animation, travel footage, and animal footage. The pricing is based on a credit system, with SD quality costing 15 credits and 4k resolution costing 90 credits. If the above sites are too expensive then you can always learn How To Create a Green Screen on a Budget. Know of any great sites for green screen video footage that we might have missed? Help out the community by letting us know in the comments below.

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